Daniel Jacob Teper


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Curious Box of Wonder...



by Daniel and his co-writer pals


featuring music by Daniel and his chums

Daniel Jacob Teper

Composer and Musician

Daniel has been writing music for film and television since 2000. 

He plays piano and accordion and enjoys batting with a whole host of other instruments.


He also truly savours the physical tweaking of knobs and caressing of faders, even when there are none there. 

As well as composing music for feature films, shorts, adverts and documentaries he has written a huge amount of idiosyncratic production music which has enjoyed copious global proliferation. 

From Big Brother to The Apprentice to Only Fools & Horses to Oprah Winfrey, tunes from his catalog have adorned several hundreds of shows.​

Work for the advertising industry includes music for Peugeot, Kelloggs, Vision Express, Halls, BBC Comedy, Mr Kipling, Not on the High Street, and more than one brand of toilet paper.​


Danny Fromajio...

...is Daniel's cheesy alter ego.
He has his own stinking website, and here's his latest album: